planet over profit
make love, not CO2.
Sustainability First.

There is no planet b (yet). So we committed ourselves to contribute to saving our planet the best we can. That's why we are a 100% plastic-free and 100% emission-free company for all kinds of areas (e.g., cloud server infrastructure, offices power supply, and travel).

be kind, have grace, give thanks, speak love & stay swaggy
human being on a mountain
Integrity & Boldness.

We believe that these two values complement each other perfectly and even mutually condition each other if you want to achieve big things. We want to win together, and we also want to fail together. Ok, to be honest, we prefer to win. But we always want to remain courageous, curious, and tied to our values.

rainbow wallpaper
rainbow led light bulb
A World That Works For Everyone.

We value diversity, different points of view, and different people. This value of diversity applies both to our employees and our customers. We just believe that we are better together.

starship trooper protecting digital data
colored surveillance camera
Privacy Matters.

Ever read 1984 of george orwell? In 2021, we are aware that the sensitivity of digital data is particularly high. That's why we are 100% transparent about how we collect data and how we use them. Also, you have the right to request or delete your data at any time. Your data is yours.